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Crop, adjust, add text and Organization Logos


Shared photos contain your Logo


HoCoSnapz is a full-featured photo app designed with local fans in mind, allowing them to take photos with the built-in camera or use ones from their photo library, edit them, add filters, frames, stickers, logos, text, and then share to social media or other apps on their phones.

Add Stickers

In addition to custom logos from Howard County businesses and organizations, HoCoSnapz comes with dozens of locally themed images that can be placed on top of photos, then moved, rotated, sized

Adjust Image

Filter, Brightness, Saturation, Contrast, Effects, Blur, Resize, Rotate, Tone Curve and more

Add Text

Fans can add text in any color, with a variety of fonts, and placed anywhere on the screen

Add Frames

Adjustable and resizable locally-themed frames add the finishing touch

Share With Friends

Using iOS’ native share function, you can email, text, upload photos directly to your social network accounts, save to your photo library, or send to other apps on your phones

Easy to Customize

Your organizations and events can be included as an in-app purchase in the HoCoSnapz app or we can build a custom version with your exclusive content

​Contact us for more information

Increase Brand Recognition

Your logos and images will appear on top of photos shared by your loyal fans, exponentially extending your brand’s exposure.

New Revenue Stream

Organizations earn 25% of each of their SnapzPacks sold on the App Store

Add Logos

While the app is free, fans purchase IconPacks through the in-app-purchase feature to place on top of photos, then moved, rotated, and sized to perfection

Contact us to set up your custom IconPack

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Props From Users

We take pride in our work and appreciate when fans take time to share

Buffy Beaudoin-Schwartz

What a fabulous new app! I love taking and sharing pictures, and using the HoCoSnapz app at a recent event made it that much more fun. I’m looking forward to using it at upcoming events and races to personalize my picture taking and sharing experience. How has this not been thought of before? Thank you HoCoSnapz!

Buffy Beaudoin-Schwartz

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